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A digital portfolio by Perri Rothenberg emphasizing branding, strategy and visual design. 


PAR Trend Intelligence

PAR Trend Intelligence was designed for a Current Trends & Forecasting class. PAR forecasts to create success through color, design and innovative ideology. We provide high level trend overviews by communicating current and future trends for viable product development on seasonal themes and concepts. Ideas in art, fashion and architectural direction help develop relevance that can be translated into compelling commercial products.  

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Editorial and Content Management 


Color \ Summer Spring 14

[ Created Fall Winter 12 ] 

THEORY \ Color is a unified language that speaks to creatives and professionals around the globe. It informs and inspires every aspect of all industries including fashion ,textiles, design, cosmetics, art cuisine and many more. Observing cultural, societal and portal trends from broadened perspectives creates palettes for many to evoke personal point of views in any field. For Spring Summer 2014, there are three major feelings developing to emphasize upon. There seems to be an underlying notion of uncertainty and mystery as time progresses. A somber mood of silence infatuates citizens of all cultures. 1. TACENDA concentrates on this idea of time being assed over in silence as change occurs around the globe. This color palette is warm with mostly dull shades reflecting environmental attitudes while the media steps fourth and speaks for what people think they want to hear. This idea then leads to 2.  PERIPETEIA, a sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances to the point of no return. These dismal colors including cool violets, mustards and browns take an idea of a new generation taking reign. Innovative technologies and scientific ideas take a modest place in cultures whilst being respected without hype. 3. ORPHIC combines both concepts to the general population of which these ideas are that of beyond ordinary understanding. Bright tones of muddled magentas, greens and oranges embody this trend creating iconic combinations stepping in unusual territories. 


DESIGN \ Spring Summer 2014

[Created Fall Winter 2012]

Theoretical Focus + Orphic Color Story (Megatrend) + 3 Subtrends (Yoko Meshi, Eigengrau & Tatemae)

Orphic \

Orphic embodies a concept beyond ordinary understanding. With migrating cultures, ideas are getting disarrayed revealing ideas beyond comprehension. Sometimes extraordinary theories create the most beautiful and genius ideas. Bright tones of muddled magentas, greens and oranges embody this trend creating iconic combinations stepping in unusual territories. Orphic portrays a woman who is severe in style and appreciates a daring, energetic idiosyncrasy. 

Portraiture \

Orphic embodies a woman who is severe in style merging masculinity and femininity therefore appreciating a daring energetic idiosyncrasy. 

PARD_2Photorealistic Magazine MockUp.jpg

1. Yoko Meshi \

Influenced by Media artist Valquire Velikovic's 'Magical Realism,' Yoko Meshi references the humor in a movement of a puzzling and untranslatable Japanese term. Although this literally means 'horizontal,' Japanese is written vertically. This trend focuses on varieties of color, shape and movement thus emphasizing this concept of foreign aspects as it transforms into an unrecognizable world. 

Alternative Influencers: Daniel Volker's 'Overdose,' and French conceptual artist, Daniel Buren who integrates visual surfaces and historical architectural landmarks in a minimalistic way by utilizing colors. 

2. Eigengrau \

Eigengrau refers to the brain gray color seen by the eye in perfect darkness. This trend will embody 'veiled intentions' inspired by Vedas meaning insight and knowledge. A veil that covers, deforms and reveals only certain aspects of a person. "Knowledge is often seen as an exchange of values, a beam of light that enters the room, illuminating some areas and leaving others in a shadow." (David Toro) It is astonishing what the mind can produce and see in others when they eyes are hidden. 

Alternative Influencers: David Maisel X-Rays 2,000 year old statues that portray ghost like imagery yet invisible to the naked eye. Elle Muliachyk evokes a story for Garage magazine showing tribal accessories covering the eyes. 

3. Tatemae \

Tatemae is a term often translated as 'form' but also has a cultural meaning of "the reality that everyone professes to be true, even though they may not privately believe it." Strange encounters will provide individuals to look through a mirrored glass; being able to look out but not in. Many people display a facade of only one personality, not admitting inverted thoughts. Different materials and forms that are skewed, warped, split and reflected create new perspectives in this trend. 

Alternative Influencers: Gabriela Antunes photographic series "Rainbow cuts" depict the dark side of a luminous spectrum, and Francisco Mangado's architectural auditorium that visually connects two spanish towns that are united physically but divided spatially through geometrical complexity.