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A digital portfolio by Perri Rothenberg emphasizing branding, strategy and visual design. 


Perri Rothenberg is a marketing creative, photographer & traveler living in Savannah, GA. 

Perri Rothenberg is a recent graduate at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) receiving her BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management  and concentration in Business Entrepreneurship. Throughout her travels, Perri has been inspired by a variety of cultures thus designing solutions for an omniscient and seamless future with a sustainable purpose. 

Her passions lie within all elements of design and culture, ranging from branding, trend forecasting, and editorial design. Perri is predominately influenced by travel, exploration and language. She has also worked in a variety of international environments including New York, France and Sweden at Fendi North America, Lorna Jane Sweden, Yodl (Marketplace for the Alps), and Re: Magazine. 

Perri enjoys skiing, horseback riding, documentary photography, art & spontaneous adventures. 

Let's Connect & Create Something Worth Sharing.